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Monday 22nd September (Posted 23rd, due to being electrically challenged!)

Monday 22 September

It has just been hammered home to me just how much we need electricity. We were struck on Saturday during the hailstorm that turned the roads of Joburg white, then green as the ice melted and the vegetation casualties of the onslaught were revealed, carpeting the streets. Luckily we have 3 phase electricity, so the odd plug and a light still work.

24+ hours later, the novelty really had worn off a bit.

Today I go in for a lymph node biopsy – to determine if there are any microscopic traces of the cancer in my lymph. The thought of the needles involved is rather freaky!
(Me being Miss Squeamish!!)

Oh well…this is the next step up the mountain.
Onward and upward 🙂


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