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Thursday 18th September

They say it never rains, but it pours…   Well, I am really ready to come in from this storm now!

Yesterday I went to see the surgeon – and found out, gain, that cancer definitely is not a ‘quick fix’. We had a good discussion about options and the process (which is definitely a process) of treatment. First, however, there is more information to find out and more tests to be run – all routine, I understand. And designed to check if the cancer is trying to spread anywhere.

So, off I went for an X-ray, ultrasound and blood tests. The next step is to have a biopsy of the lymph nodes, which is done under general anaesthetic. I may have had this done as early as Friday (which is tomorrow, actually). I have a bad cold, though, so I can’t have an anaesthetic until my chest is cleared. That means that I was off to my family doc yesterday, too, to be examined. I am not on antibiotics and various puffers etc.

And that was only the morning!

In the evening, we’re all on the way to the airport to deliver Sarah to go to Worlds, when some kind guy failed to notice that everyone had stopped and bashed another woman’s car into our rear end. Luckily we are all fine. The car’s bumper isn’t so together anymore, though – and is, in fact, held together with a tie-down. That’s what you get from the paddling fraternity!

At this stage, I am almost punch-drunk. I don’t even ask the universe what it is thinking anymore – I’ve learnt to just take it on the chin.

So now we continue with real life. I can fit in more school visits, which is good, as my cold is definitely not bad enough to hamper that. I can’t run or paddle, as this will exacerbate my chest, which is a little bit of a pain, but okay, nonetheless. I can, also, spend the weekend again at Mum’s house sorting things out with my siblings.

Normal things, normal life. At least, normal in my life as this year goes on!


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