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Wednesday 24th September

What I hate most about this whole thing of being ‘sick’ is the fallout for everyone else. The worst thing in my life is disappointing (or, at least, feeling as though I have disappointed) those close to me – particularly my kids.

I know full well that this ‘condition’ of mine is not anything I could actually avoid and that it definitely is no fault of mine – but I still really don’t like the way it affects everyone else.

Today is a beautiful day and it just seems as though we should all be out there doing something really active and fund and even silly. Of course, facing another general anaesthetic next week and a bigger operation than the one on Monday, I must really be sensible and make sure that I get rid of the traces of my cold that are still lingering in my chest and sinus. This is so alien to me. Not that I am generally unsensible…but I am just so bad at doing the ‘patient’ (in both senses of the word) thing!

Small things, though, make all the difference. We can do really interesting breakfast and even little fun things. As long as we do them together 🙂

Today is Heritage Day, after all – and wherein lies our heritage now but from our past and looking towards those who take it into the future!



  1. Carl says:

    Loving your blog! Thanks for sharing and taking such time over this. Very much appreciated. We’re on this journey together. Much love. Always.

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