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So, you know when you have bitten your lip, you just seem to keep on catching the same spot between your teeth?

Well, the right side of my poor, old body is becoming like that!

Picture this: I am walking around Michael’s primary school looking fine, but trying not to concentrate too hard on what feels like a ball or something that is constantly being forced into my right armpit. All’s okay. I’m taking photos etc of the ‘soap box derby’. (The ‘soap boxes’ are actually metal framed goKarts that are pushed by two hyper-enthusiastic kids at great speed and steered by a third kid, who can’t always go straight…)

Anyway, so Mike’s class is getting ready for their turn and there we all stand at the one corner. I decide to walk to a better angle to get a shot of the whole class when WHAM! – my foot becomes the brake for a runaway goKart that was just let go by the pushers with the driver in situ. (Not going all that fast, luckily) Only problem is that the goKarts have no brakes. So, the front (hard, metal) bar slams into my foot, which causes me to fall over the cart. Another, higher, bar kind of scrapes up my abdomen – on the right-hand-side, of course and there I fall. Everyone was very worried about my camera, as it looks fancy and expensive. Except Mike, of course – he was only worried about Mum.

Anyway, long story shorter, I now have one ¬†foot (the right one, of course) looking like it was stung by a king-size bee; a scrape mark up my side (not very wide, but there nonetheless. Oh – and it’s the right side, of course); and what seems to be revealing itself as a bruised rib (on, you guessed it, the right-side)!

At least it all takes away from the thought of the ‘ball being forced into my armpit’ feeling!

Imagine the bruises I am going to sport. Add this to my boob (right one, of course) that is now kinda faded yellow after having been harpooned and bruised for nearly two weeks – and with traces of the blue dye they pumped into the vessels yesterday during the op. Psychedelic colourings with no need for tattooing!

Whoever said that having cancer was not an exciting time!?



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