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Friday 7th November

Day 32. (Or Day 10)

Another day. Same drain. (To coin a phrase, or something…)

The drain is still in. The doc reckons it should come out ‘by the weekend’ – but, experience has taught me not to hold my breath…

I find working on the computer so frustrating at the moment: I can’t seem to get comfortable (what with the nausea and the sore/uncomfortable side), which is annoying. Then, I cannot flipping see properly, because my glasses need changing, but, after having had to cancel two appointments with the eye guy because of the blocked drain, I kind of gave up trying to get to see him. Now I’m paying the price 🙁

Seeing as most of my work is computer-based, this is a bit of a pain! Anyway, it is a minor irritation that can be worked through.

The good thing is that the nausea is improving. I have been taking my anti-nausea medication quite religiously. Also, even if I don’t feel like eating, then making myself have something actually does help a bit.

We are going out to supper for Dad’s birthday (which is tomorrow) tonight, so, hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit more like eating later!

I find it amazing how debilitating a tummy pain or nausea can be without really realising it – until after the fact. I really didn’t feel desperately ill on Tuesday and Wednesday – and, in fact, until lunchtime yesterday, but there was absolutely no break from the nausea and it’s amazing how it affects one psychologically: I really kind of projected into the months ahead and was feeling horrible about it.

Then, the nausea kind of improved a bit yesterday afternoon. I even ate a meal last night (the first for about 3 days). Now, I still feel a low grade stomach pain and some nausea, but it is all so much better and life feels so much lighter and easier, somehow. I still have to go through this all three more times. I still have to lose my hair (presumably…) – but, in my head, it is just so much more manageable now! (Or, it seems that way.)

I’m pretty sure that this whole thing about the stomach being central to the way we feel overall must link somehow to the old way of looking at medicine that involved the four ‘humors’. Not sure of all the details, but it seems to make sense in my head.

Our year goes on to have hiccoughs – in our household of 4 working cars, we now only have one that is actually going! Relative to all our other experiences this year, these are small things, but the inconvenience and the expense just add on top of the pile!

I can hear the beaches of Sedgefield calling louder and louder!


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