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Sunday 7th December

Time out is a great gift, however short.

The girls and I went to the Wilge River this weekend, so that Dani and Sarah could trip the river while others were doing river proficiencies.

I spent the whole day yesterday pretty much doing nothing, except rushing around taking a lot of photos, sitting in the shade on a hard rock waiting for them to arrive, walking home in the blazing sun and swimming 🙂

We were camping and really put our ‘teeny tiny tent’ (as per Sarah) to the test, which it passed with flying colours. (Especially in the context of one of the other paddlers having her tent collapse!)

It was great, and invigorating, just to be out of it, literally!

It reminds me of a stupid advert on the radio, where a woman goes to some shop and says it was like being on holiday. At least, we did actually leave Joburg 🙂

I cannot believe that the next chemo is a week tomorrow. It is stressing me, because it just seems so soon. I have to do it, though, and will survive (of course). Not a great prospect, though.

I am finding a whole new range of experiences without no hair. It is far hotter to sit with a bandanna on, than to have hair. I suppose, at least hair can blow in whatever breeze there may be. It is also not a good idea to dive into a swimming pool without hair – cold!

So we live and we learn. I will, truly, never ever take my hair for-granted. Not that I think I do – I love my hair.

The thing is, I suppose, we are more than just one part of ourselves.  I am me, with / without hair. I can be more, though, simply as I develop as a person through all these experiences.


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