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Wednesday 3rd December

I have googled very little about cancer or chemo, or any of the things that have been wrong with me, or have happened to me – which is not bad! One thing I did google, though (once), is the question of hair falling out. What this told me is that the ‘red devil’ makes your hair fall out within about 2 weeks of having had the chemo – which is exactly the timeframe the doc gave. And when my hair first started falling out.

One source did say that, if your hair hasn’t started falling out within 10 – 14 days of Cycle 1, then it definitely will within 7 – 10 days of no. 2.

Well, guess what? Right on cue, my hair is rushing out of my head. The only difference is that it is about 0,5 cm long, so there are all these little spikes coming out.

Hell, I have a lot of hair!

I am so vindicated in having shaved it, though 🙂

If every spike that has fallen out was a ‘real’ (for that,  read ‘long’) hair, I would be really traumatised right now.

What ‘they’ don’t tell you, though, or what you find out when this happens to you, is that even really short spikes can hurt if they are caught the wrong way on a fabric; or can cause the itches if they all start falling out.


What does one do? Take it all off.

I am now completely ‘kaalkop’! Sarah and Dani took razors to my head and I now, literally, have no hair. Strangely, I think it even looks better. It certainly is a change, but not so radical after the last shave.

And it’s strangely liberating. And empowering. If I can do this, hell, I can do anything!

‘Let it go’ and see what the world holds! 🙂




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