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A Thought

I just went for a run (for that, read ‘jog’). I didn’t go very far and I didn’t go very fast. I also had to walk for some of the way, particularly uphill, as my body just cannot do this properly yet.

And I realise, ‘So what?’

So what if I cannot happily run 4 / 5 kms? So what if I have to think twice about setting off around the dam for even a second lap, never mind a third? So what if I have to sleep much more than I need to when I am fit and healthy?

This will all get better.

By the same token, so what if I have only one boob and look lopsided? So what if, for the moment at least, I have no hair?

I realised that it’s very easy to play the victim, but not so easy, perhaps, to be the survivor.

But I am and I will be.

No matter what I have gone through (and am still going through), no matter what it has cost me, literally and figuratively, there is always something to move towards – even if it is only to be able to jog 1,5 kms before petering out!

Onward and upward.

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