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Wednesday 14th January

When you have been away from something, it is definitely good to be ‘back in the saddle again’. Or, rather, in my case, it should maybe be ‘the canoe seat’. Except this week it has been virtual rather than actual.

Last night I went to a club committee meeting and it was good to see everyone again and to be in on the goings-on. Tonight we had a polo meeting – and ditto.

They were still playing when I got to the dam, so I reffed a bit. Well, blew the whistle every-so-often, as it was rather difficult to distinguish the teams 🙂  It was really good to see something like 16 / 17 people on the water, including newbies. Way to grow the sport.

The meeting was short and quite efficient. (Yay.) I do like to be involved 😉

Again, today, one of my friends commented to me that I am remarkably strong and determined, despite the chemo and the operations etc. Again, I felt humbled. In some ways, I would be so interested to meet some other people who are going through chemo treatments and to gauge for myself how they react. The thing is always, though, that chemo differs from person-to-person, as do the side effects and the coping mechanisms. I am eternally grateful that I seem to have quite efficient ways of coping with these things.

Sometimes, I am tempted to sit down and actually, quite methodically, recount what has actually happened to me and my poor bod in the last four(ish) months; and then to take stock of how I actually feel about all of it.

Then I just don’t have the energy. Or I think it’s a bit of self-indulgence. Or just completely non-productive.

There is no doubt that everything I have gone through has had a huge impact on my life – and will continue to do so for quite a while. Perhaps forever. To live with, and work through, that impact is one thing. To even think about having to indulge in it just seems so counter-productive. Life is about living. It’s about dealing with what is thrown at you and making the most of it.

It’s about getting out there, getting into the ‘saddle’ and making it happen.


  1. andrebruton says:

    We would not expect less. You inspire us each day, especially when we are feeling down, to get up and get back in the saddle!

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