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Friday 27th March

“I don’t understand people!”  That’s something that comes out of my mouth fairly regularly.

And it’s true. I regularly simply do not understand people.

Today we heard on the news that the cause of a horrible aeroplane accident in the Alps was because the one pilot wanted to commit suicide.

Why? Is always the  relevant question. What is even more important, though, is why on earth did he have to take the other 150 people on board with him?

I seriously don’t understand people.

On a completely different score, I found out today that my computer is infected. It started when I couldn’t open a word file, then I noticed that the computer was indicating that none of my files was were backed up to the cloud, which is impossible.

Turns out that the computer had been invaded by something called ‘ransomeware’ (yes, there is a name for it!) – an invader that encrypts all the data, so it is unreadable. The wonderful geniuses who made this happen were so kind as to send a message saying what had happened and that they would provide a key to un-encrypt everything. What they failed to mention was the $500 ‘fee’ to give the key. This we found out by Googling the ‘thing’ and reading other accounts of people in the same position as me.

This time, the question, again, was not so much “Why?”, (as ‘for the money’ is obvious), but, “How could they do that?”

I seriously don’t understand people.

At first I was worried and irritated because of the whole inconvenience and time-wasting. Then I was upset, because I did hardly any work and I have a deadline on Tuesday. Then I was angry at the type of *%!!@+ who could  do that knowing what they will cause.

After reacting emotionally, I decided ‘bugger that’ – the only productive thing under these circumstances is to do what you can to move forward.

Maybe it’s the cancer thing that has taught me to be a little more philosophic about life. Maybe when you have had a really kak and threatening things thrown at you, a little thing like standing to lose all your data is not so very dreadful.

It’s all about perspectives, I suppose.

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