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Monday 30th March

There is nothing like an entire day spent in the car to make you appreciate any opportunity to walk around, let alone being able to go for a run.

We have come to visit Gran and Oupa in East London. It is a really long drive that took us the whole day – with about an hour lost waiting for various ‘stop-and-go’ sections of road works.

Now that we are here, it feels as though we have never been away.

I love that about places we go to regularly on holiday: everything seems to run together into one memory and the holiday just seems to have been going on forever. Until we have to go home, that is. Then, inevitably, the reality of work etc etc kicks in and the holiday feels a lifetime ago.

Right now, we’ve just arrived, though, and life is good. Apart from the fact that I have to catch up about 4 days of work L  Right now, this feels rather overwhelming, but, as with most things, it can be done. I think that is why I prefer to get up really early and work then. I am always tired when I actually get up, but, once I am settled in front of the computer, I am happy and enjoy working undisturbed.

I am truly a believer in ‘tomorrow is another day’.

It is no coincidence that I wrote my 4th year long essay on Gone with the Wind. 😉

I have always been an incurable optimist. Maybe that’s partly the clue to the way I have taken on this cancer thing. I have said, since the beginning, that there is only one way of doing it and that is to just be myself and go ahead. I do have a positive outlook and tend to see the good in people and things. I’m still not completely sure that there is much positive / good to find in a cancer thing. It is all about how you look at things, though. There is so much negativity about cancer that it is really quite difficult to imagine a positive spin on it. I think it would be wrong to try to just sommer make it be positive, though. Cancer is kak. Plain and simple. However, it can change perspectives; bring out the best in people; and make you see the world very differently. Not bad things to happen, I reckon.

We don’t always have to look too hard to find the positive. Sometimes it’s right in front of us in something as simple as a view.

There is a particularly beautiful stretch of road in Gonubie that takes you around the point, so you have sea on one side for a good couple of kilometres. The area is flat and fairly urbanised (houses on one side) and there are no spectacular drops to the water, or any mountains to make it really picturesque. It is just a peaceful and pretty drive along the beach. And it is beautiful.

There is something about the sea – ever-changing, never-ending, that just speaks to the soul, I think. The opportunity to simply look out over the water is something to be enjoyed and treasured.

Coming to East London is about visiting the grandparents and cousins. It is also about regeneration, though, and just feeding the soul.

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