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Friday 8th May

I had the scopes today. It was kind of surreal being back in the patient’s chair this time, not bed (they have a very efficient way of doing scopes that does not involve being in an actual hospital ward). It was kind of all too familiar – and not: different hospital, different reason, different process.

Everything went well and was done quite quickly. They get you up and ‘running’ very soon after the procedures. In fact, so soon that, apparently (according to Sarah), when the doc came to call me to give me feedback, I declared, “I’m sleeping” and was only seen a little later.

How embarrassing!

At least, that’s how it felt at one stage, then I decided that he must see so many variations of people who have just come out of sedation / anaesthetic that it most probably didn’t even register with him.

It did with Sarah, though, and I don’t think I’m going to hear the end of this easily 🙂

Everything is good – there was nothing sinister, or even worrying, to find in my digestive system, which is great. It is what I expected, given all evidence (or lack thereof, me having had no symptoms), but it is really good to be given the all-clear.

Quite a good week, medically!

As Carl always points out – one more thing to tick off on the chalkboard and one more reason to move forward confidently. Yay!

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