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Thursday 30th April

Today I was awake to see the most beautiful sunrise over the dam. What a privilege. What a treasure. Images like that do so much good for the soul.

At SA Schools, there is a team managers’ meeting at 6am. Because I’m sorting Parktown out, I was there this morning. So was Dani.

Very, very early start.

Most of the day seems to have been spent in the sun, one way or another. Lots of sun.

For the girls, lots of paddling and lots of water.

This evening we sat around a lovely braai with the St Davids’ team. For me, that is SA Schools: after a hectic and heavy day of canoeing, to sit quietly and braai, all the while talking 19 to the dozen. The best times.

Days like this make me think of so many things – not the least of which is a sense of gratitude for times and days well spent, especially with family (and maybe some friend).

Having cancer has not suddenly made we more aware of what to be grateful for. It has made me look around me with eyes that are slightly more open, though, and which understand what is most important just a little more clearly.


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