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Wednesday 29th April

I don’t like the day on which we actually leave to go away anywhere – mainly because there is always so much to do and not enough time to do it in before actually leaving. Through the whole process, there’s always the thought that I should really be sensible and not get over-tired because I have to drive.

Going camping means even more things to sort out!

Dani and I are at Roodeplaat Dam for SA Schools. It’s like being back with friends in a happy place.

I have spent so much time and effort organising to get everyone here with boats, K2 partners etc, that it’s actually quite a relief to have it actually be happening.

I love SA Schools. It’s so much about the vibe and the fun and the bonding. If only we could all have this experience, just once.

Don’t envy the kids the many kilometres they paddle, though – for three days!

I do admire them, though.

I think I’m getting tired of thinking, “I can’t actually paddle that far, because of the ops.” I want to push myself, I think. Then, of course, I have to consider how sore my shoulder and the op site can get.

Maybe, pushing is not a good thing.

Whenever I paddle, I try to go just that little but further than last time, or than ‘normal’. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes not. Each time, though, I think, “I’ve got this far by being sensible” and sensible I am again.

One step, one paddle stroke, at a time.

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