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Saturday 27th June

I think the word ‘awesome’ can be over-used. Today, I am not only going to use it, but use it over again…

Tonight we were afforded the awesome, awesome privilege of being part of Carl’s 50th birthday celebration.

And it was truly that – awesome.

Carl is not known for doing anything by halves. In fact, if most people err on the side of caution, Carl is more likely to err on the side of extravagance. If you need anything, Carl is likely to give it to you – and more. If you need help, Carl will be there with, as the saying goes, bells on.

He is just like that: generous in many, many ways and genuinely interested in helping people he feels close to. It was not surprising that his version of a 50th celebration was all about giving his guests a good time, with every attention to detail and very little of anything spared!

My supportive little brother has been like that through the whole cancer thing: always there; always willing and ready to help; always offering support to me and to all of us. Even today, in the middle of getting ready for the party, he was sure to tell me that a number of people had asked after my health. In fact, he reported, there are a regular number of queries.

Even as we rocked the night away, people were congratulating me on how well I look and how well I have fought this battle.

With support from people like my little brother, how could I have done otherwise? 🙂

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