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Sunday 28th June

I think life is all about contrasts, which, of course, is one of the things that makes it interesting.

Last night we were sitting pretty much in the lap of luxury, being entertained by some of the pre-eminent musical theatre stars in South Africa and being lavishly hosted by Carl at his party. This evening, there we sat in a Nando’s in Bloem, eating burgers etc – and having had to return two dishes and ask about two others because the order was really messed up. Last night, we slept in warmth and comfort in our own beds; tonight we sleep in little caravans, on tiny beds with not much warmth.

What an adventure 🙂

Tomorrow night we will be staying in a Backpacker’s dorm near Addo. So the adventure continues.

We are on our way to Sedge, via Addo and generally road-tripping. One of the ways of doing these things, especially when David is ‘at the helm’, so to speak. At least, he has planned all of this.

One thing this family is really good at is finding new and different ways to go on a journey. There are seven of us in the ‘Tuner with trailer and boats (and, it seems, everything in between).

I think being a Drama person makes it possible to adapt quite easily to different circumstances. Maybe some of this has rubbed off onto everyone else in this family, including Charnelle. So, off we go on another adventure holiday, finding interest and fun along the way.

If this is the way we go on journeys and tackle the, relatively, unknown, then is it any wonder that I took on this cancer journey quite as head on as I did and ran with everything that happened?



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