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Thursday 18th June

Today I found out that I never was a fraud when it came to anything to do with the cancer thing and the surgery. And the chemo.

I had a really little procedure on my finger today. Really little. It had to be done in the theatre, though, because that’s where the relevant equipment is.

Well, such a palaver for such a little thing. I could have got all frustrated and irritated with the time spent doing the admin and waiting, waiting, but I think I really have learnt a bit about patience, apparently! I sat back (almost literally) and went along for the ride.

What I also learned is that theatre in a hospital is about a lot of procedures and doing things the right way, no matter what your issue, or what the procedure is. I also learned that this was as close to ‘fraudulent’ as I am ever likely to get. And it wasn’t actually that, it was just a lot of hubbub about a really little thing, simply because that’s the way the system works and what is required.

The lymph node dissection and the removal of the tissue expander were actual operations, requiring theatre and anaesthetics. Not anything ‘fraudulent’

And the mastectomy was the real thing. With real impact and real consequences.

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