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Friday 10th July

Sometimes you read something that just resonates…

We are now in Gonubie, visiting Gran and Oupa (because they never managed to get to Sedgefield). On the bathroom wall, there are some inspirational quotes. One says something like ‘a day is not perfect unless you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.’ It makes me rethink the idea of a perfect day. It’s also not a bad maxim to live by.

I suppose that not every day has to be perfect, but it is something for which we can always strive.

Today was another great (if not perfect) day. It was also a day of a great first.

Until about 10 o’clock this morning, I hadn’t heard of Kelly Slater. We were planning to travel to Gonubie via Jeffrey’s Bay, to see the JBay Open Surfing Competition. David informed us that Kelly Slater, the best surfer the world has seen, would be surfing. As luck would have it, we arrived in time to see his heat, then stalked him on the beach as he was getting out of the water, along with many, many other fans. He was so calm and sporting, standing there and having photos taken, or signing various objects and pieces of clothing. He smiled all the time, never gave the impression that any of it was a pain, or that all he may have wanted was to get out of the water and on his way.

Such a cool guy.

So, now I not only know Kelly Slater’s name, but I am a fan 🙂

The rest of the day was about travelling, with a couple of stops – one familiar and one just because. A straightforward day, leading to a lovely reunion with Gran and Oupa.

Gonubie is another place that makes me feel like coming home. It is also good to see Gran and Oupa again.

Maybe it was sitting in the car for so long that got me focusing a bit on my hands. They are aching today. It may just be a once-off thing, or something that would have happened anyway. It may also get better by tomorrow.

It may also be the next part of the reaction to the medication, which the doc warned me about: arthralgia that is beginning.

Whichever it is, it is not bad and definitely not debilitating in any way. Just another step along the way.

Put it all down to experience! 😉




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