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Monday 20th July

There’s always a bit of a feeling of “Oh, no!” when it comes to going back to work or school after a holiday. I don’t think there is anyone who, truthfully, would rather not be on holiday, even if that only means being at home and being able to sleep in.

Also, however, there is a feeling of “Yay!” because it is good to go back to familiar, yet different circumstances, to see people you haven’t seen for a while and to be involved in activities and things that stimulate the brain and get us involved in many different ways.

Today, we went ‘back to school’. David had to do that last week and has already worked through his ‘back to school blues’. Sarah had her turn on Thursday, so now it’s time for the rest of us. I’m not sure, though, that the blues are going to hit me, because this semester brings with it the added challenge and fun of doing some drama productions.

Yes, two of them. Why not? 🙂

Yesterday, I had a feeling of “I’m back!” after I taught the 4th years. It was a practical voice/acting class and just reminded me of why I do this – I love it! Now, I really, really want to feel the “I’m back” feeling when it comes to my fitness levels. That will come, though. I am working assiduously on it. The only complication is that real life does not allow so much opportunity for running and other exercise, unlike holiday, which is another reason to prefer those times of year.

It’s quite a while since I’ve done a production and I’m back into the swing of things quickly. It’s like riding a bicycle 😉 Tomorrow will be the first round of auditions and it will be great to see who comes along.

I suppose that having cancer is like its own form of lengthy production, only there’s not really a performance date and the beginning, middle and end are not so clearly defined.

Today, one of my students came to ask me, simply, if I am fine. The short answer is, of course, yes, the cancer has gone; I’m on long term medication, which is more about control and caution, but the threat has been soundly dealt with and the treatment is over.

Actually, never mind the productions, it’s time for the party!

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