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Thursday 9th July

Today worked the opposite from yesterday, at least I think so. At about 6:30, it was completely overcast and very wet. The precipitation was still coming down in that typical coastal, fine drizzle that is never actually worth calling a ‘shower’, but that will definitely wet you through in a relatively short time.

By 8:00, when I went for a run, it had stopped raining and even showed signs of beginning to clear, slightly. Maybe.

We went off to George yesterday, to explore coffee shops, the old church (where a great great was dominee and is now buried) and the old road back to Knysna. Beautiful. There are so many spots in this country that we just don’t even know about and are just waiting for us to find and appreciate. Around here, of course, they seem to be too many to mention 🙂

When we got back to Sedge, it seemed as though the weather had been reasonable to fine here, whereas we’d been cold and wet in George (no surprise, that).We all went off to the beach for sundowners, a run around and just some fun.

What a wonderful way to end a lovely day.

I think that, despite still not being able to claim patience as my virtue, in my older age I am definitely at least more tolerant. I don’t think this is only due to the waiting (somewhat patiently) I’ve had to do with this cancer thing. I think that, maybe, after more than 50 years, I am finally maturing. A bit 😉

In past years, I would have been extremely upset about the fact that we sacrificed a lovely day in Sedge for rain in George. Today, I was more kind of “Oh well, we had a lovely day there and now it’s beautiful on the beach.” I really think that I have learnt better over the years to accept things as they happen, to a degree – at least, more than before. The cancer thing just cemented some of those lessons.

This does not mean, of course, that one should lie down and just let life ride roughshod over you. It is just that accepting some things and learning to go with the flow a little more is not ever a bad thing.

Tomorrow the flow will take us to East London, via the surfing in J-Bay. Let’s see what lessons there are to be learned by doing that! 😉



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