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Tuesday 21st July

I am (trying to be) on my way to Bloem for a workshop. So far, it would have been much, much quicker to drive.

Actually, when the girls found out that I was flying, they thought it was very funny. “Bloem is only 4 hours away” was their logic. In truth, even if you don’t get to the airport nice and early and your flight is not delayed, you could most probably drive there a bit quicker than flying, what with getting to airports and all. For me, this journey started at about 15h30. It’s now been 3 hours and I’m sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight that will only depart after 19h30.


Then, I hear that our hotel doesn’t have a normal kitchen, with different food available – there is only one meal and it is served between 6 & 7.

Double yay.

So, here I sit at Wimpy, doing something about my appetite. J

Two-and-a-half hours after we were supposed to land, we finally made it to Bloem. This, after an announced ‘one hour and ten minutes’ delay, which then extended to much longer, without any explanation. Then, when we were all finally standing on the bus, waiting to actually make it to an aeroplane, the ground steward comes to tell us that a certain passenger has disappeared. I had visions of them unpacking all the luggage. Fortunately, they found that he had given up and gone home.

So, we actually did fly and did get here. Now, of course, I am too over-tired and cannot really think of going to sleep yet.

Besides, Nim’s Island is on tv…

I am now fed and watered (well, ‘tea-ed’) and feeling a lot more human. I can even say that I feel normal. Maybe not quite as fit as I could be; and a little uncomfortable under my right arm, because the scar still pulls a bit – but as close to normal as I’m going to get right now.

Any journey has its pitfalls and exciting moments. Every journey makes demands on us in different ways.

Today, the literal journey to get to Bloem overshadowed any other kind of journeys I may be on!

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