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Wednesday 8th July

People often say that it is possible to have four seasons in one day at Sedge. Well, today was one of those days.

It gets light quite late here, so I go running only around 8. During my run today, the sun was coming up into a clear blue sky – not a cloud in sight – and I was rather warm. In fact, since we’ve been here, today was the first time I took off my long top and ended up running only in a vest. It was that hot.

It wasn’t quite warm enough, though, to swim after my run. The water in the Swartvlei is cold. It is Winter, after all!

By 9:30, there wasn’t a patch of blue to be seen in the sky anywhere and it got cold and rainy. The day turned into one of those typical ‘we’re at the coast, but it’s raining and cold, so not a beach day. Let’s go for a drive.’

And what a drive we had – to Knysna down Phantom Pass, which goes through natural forest, ending up at the little church at Belvidere. It was so amazing to be in a building that is 165 years old and to try to imagine all the people back then coming in to attend a service, or to make peace with the Lord, or simply to be quiet.

I like visiting interesting buildings, but for a relatively short while. I do have a very short attention span and need to be moving at my own pace and looking at what I find interesting. Which is why I didn’t last long on the tour we then went on of a battleship (of sorts) that was in Knysna.

The boat is actually a mine finder (or something like that) and is visiting Knysna as part of the Oyster Festival. It was interesting to be on board and to see some of the things. But , for me, the guided tour was too much. The girls and I, in particular, wandered off a bit from the throng.

Interesting times.

I am loathe to take the plunge and note that I haven’t had the chemo taste for a good week or so, not even vaguely. Maybe, finally, it has gone.

I have realised that, if the chemo taste has been any indication of the lingering effects of the chemo drugs, then it is no wonder that I still feel tired and am taking this long to feel ‘normal’ again. Those were damn harsh drugs that had a huge effect on my body.

‘Give it time.’ 🙂

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