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Monday 3rd August

There is something simultaneously very concerning, tiring, challenging and also so exciting about launching a project – especially when there is a time factor.

I am about 10 days into this play, which is to be performed quite very soon. In fact, it seems as though it will not be ready on time. At the same time, though, I know that it will – also understanding that this is a project undertaken by Education students wanting to know more about theatre and who have busy academic lives.

They are, mostly, a wonderful group and doing really well. Mostly.

There are, of course, always those who push the boundaries and find ways to be difficult, but everything is manageable and will come off alright in the end. It’s about having the vision and making it happen.

A lot of stuff in life is about how you see things and then how you approach the journey  / experience.

I read an article in the ‘People’ magazine (don’t judge me 😉 ) about a woman who has advanced breast cancer that has metastasized all over her body. She does not have a good prognosis and has made it her mission to communicate the need to have anything that is unusual in your body checked out. She has made a video to that end.

She apparently felt a lump in her breast, but was convinced that it was a blocked milk duct and left it alone, waiting for it to disappear. She tried a number of ‘cures’, none of which worked. When she eventually went to the doctor, it was diagnosed as breast cancer and was already far advanced.

It is so easy to be wise about someone else’s experience. It’s so easy to ask, “Why did she not just go and have the thing checked out?” No-one ever lives in another’s shoes. No-one knows what goes on in their lives and in their heads. I do know, though, that she is right and that, if there is anything untoward, go and have it checked out.

Says me, who doesn’t always do that 🙁

With my cancer, there was nothing to feel really, but it was there. Again, I am reminded that I was lucky. I keep saying that I may have very well only been diagnosed in a year or two if circumstances hadn’t dictated that I went for the check up etc.

There is so much we take foregranted in life, so much we just assume. Sometimes, though, we need to take the hint and just assume, for even a brief moment, that just maybe something isn’t what it should be, if we are given any hints (or not) and to and have the check-up / test. You never know what may be found.


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