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Sunday 2nd August

Today Mike, Sarah and Dani went to a birthday party at ‘Bounce’ , which must be one of the materializations of a kid’s dream: trampolines for days! They had the greatest fun bouncing around, playing dodge ball and falling into a huge air bag. I had great fun rushing about taking photographs.

I find that it is so interesting, let alone fun, having a camera on hand to ‘capture the moment’. It is more than that, though. I like to see if I can get a visual record of something that is so real and works so much on different emotions. In this instance, it was trying to get the motion, while keeping the focus that was the point often.

At the Bounce place, they have the slogan that ‘The harder you fall, the higher you bounce’.  I thought that is such a great way to look at life. I think that all of us fell pretty hard last year, at least a couple of times. It may be taking a while for us to really feel the ‘bounce’, but it just has to come J

Cancer is one of those things that affects everyone, but especially the person with it. (I am still not sure what to call a person battling cancer. ‘Sufferer’ is too harsh and ‘patient’ just does not seem appropriate because you just don’t feel sick from the disease/condition.) I suppose it stands to reason, then, that the person will bounce back higher than ever.

At least, that’s how I like to look at it.

Today, I had a rehearsal for my play. I ran into my head of division, who always raves about my hair. I also received a compliment on it earlier in the day. (In fact, I was asked if I had had it permed. My answer should have been, “Via a really unusual method 😉 “)

My hair has definitely come back in full force – and curly, curly, curly. If that is a symbol of the ‘bounce back’, then the future can only bode well for me. And all those around me.

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