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Being me in the world

Looking around us…

There are a lot of pieces of writing, or just comments, going around at the moment that refer to taking stock of the world around us, seeing things from a new perspective and focusing on what is most important. All of these have merit, because, when one is, of necessity, removed from the energy and demands of everyday life, it is inevitable that we will take note of what we are surrounded by, who we spend time with and what everyone does.

Some of this may even be alien to us: you may, for example, have some understanding, but not a detailed picture, of what someone in your family does, or how they spend their day at work. What is really involved, you usually don’t know, just because you are not actually there with them. Now, all of us can learn something more about each other and about work, as we see those around us engaged with a semblance of their work life.

I work from home, mostly online, and so work life for me has not really changed – at all. In fact, because I am in the education sector, it has actually increased, due to the demand as instutitions move to working online more and more. Such is the world.

Outside of all of this, though. Away from lockdown, exists a world we all inhabit and, perhaps, don’t look at with clarity because of the urgency of real life.

I have taken this opportunity to look back at some of the many, many photographs I take and to remind myself just how beautiful this world is. And how lucky some of us are to own even just part of it.

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