Jane Ballot

Being me in the world

Places I love and know…

I take photographs. Thousands of them.

They get uploaded onto my computer and saved on the cloud. Then they sit there. Every-so-often, I take some of them ‘out’ and look at them, use them, or share them.

Well, for a while, I have thought about putting some of them out there and writing about them. Of course, in the course of everyday events, we never seem to have the time to do things that we want to do. Now, suddenly, there is time to do…a lot of things.

This photo is taken just below Face Rock, which is one of the most iconic images of the Free State. (In fact, people often mistake it for the Golden Gate.) I don’t think we have gone to the farm once without having walked, driven, or ridden along this track up the valley.

This photo was taken earlier this summer (actually pre-Covid, so to speak) and it was wet and green, which was wonderful to see. So often, in the past couple of years, the farm has been dry and grey, when it should have been lush, had we had the rain we needed.

Right now, our horizons are, of necessity, narrowed. Locked down. Our minds can roam, though, our memories shine and, somehow, remembering the wealth of what this world offers us, may just help us think about everything that waits just beyond the garden wall…

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