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If it’s today, it must be…

Six days have gone by since I last posted – and they seem to gel into one. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that every day follows basically the same pattern…Wake up (relatively) early…work (online) for a few hours (watching the same programmes on DSTV, except for what is officially the weekend, as the TV people seem to be able to distinguish the days still!)…do some sewing, tv binging, eating, reading in between other working (I do need longer breaks as the day goes along)…exercise…cook supper (most days, but we do take turns)…watch ‘The Crown’ and ‘Impractical Jokers’ (except on the weekend)…sleep

Next day, as the Teletubbies always say: Again! Again!

There are memes, cartoons and the like going around that draw attention to the fact that we can no longer distinguish the days. In our house, under (previously) normal circumstances, everyone is in and out to varsity and work – and are only all at home on the weekend. I am usually at home alone for most of the day. It is not that weird, then, that I constantly think tomorrow must be Sunday/Monday, depending on what happened – but because everyone was at home today.

For me, despite all the same-same, this is not that different from some aspects of my (previously) normal, because the first half of the morning it is really only me around and doing my usual work. It does not take a lot to remind me that I am very lucky to have ongoing work (in fact, more than I can cope with!), where there must be numbers of people who are facing huge financial consequences of not being able to work.

What I do find interesting is how so many of the parodies etc personalise Corona – it almost has a personality of its own. It is, of course, our common enemy. That, I think, is what I find it almost the most difficult to get my head around: the entire world has a common enemy. We see posts from all over, images of families coping with Lockdown and people facing similar situations – not only from Cape Town, or round the corner, but from the UK, Italy, the US and everywhere.

Man, finally, is united – by a bug!!

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