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What a difference a week can make

Two weeks ago, Friday, was the first day of Lockdown. Now, we have one week to go.

The first week really seemed to take forever. Then, I think we fell into some sort of rhythm and now I can’t believe it’s only a week to go. The biggest thing now is to wonder what is going to happen afterwards. I somehow don’t see us going back to any form of anything approaching normality at 0h01 next Friday.

The speculation is, of course, that the Lockdown may be extended!

One of the things I’ve found strange to think about is that this has been the holiest week in the church calendar, but there could have been no community observations of the time. It will, surely, be the first time that Easter will be celebrated quietly, separately and in a form of isolation. Definitely for us.

Tonight, in the normal course of events, we would observe the service of Tenebrae at church, which was always one of Mum’s favourites. It makes me think of her so much. As does this entire time of year – her and Dad. And Easters at the farm,

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